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Dearest friends,

Here we are again this year at the most beautiful moment of the year and, although the period linked to the emergency is not yet over, we can immerse ourselves in the festive atmosphere, take a break from everything and focus on the important things.

We are very happy to inform you that the project relating to the construction of wells for the collection of water for the rural communities of the municipality of Aiquile has started and the works are proceeding very quickly.

As we had already told you in our last communication, climate change is also taking hold in Bolivia and the alternation of periods of great drought with periods of rain and hail are causing damage to crops and buildings, which are often dilapidated and fragile.

Being able to build these five tanks for the collection of water, to be placed in these rural villages, very poor and dispersed in the mountainous territory surrounding the capital, makes us very happy and proud, in fact, as for other school building projects, in this case too, labor is borne by the inhabitants of the various rural communities.

Being able to involve local people to collaborate on the front line in projects is a source of satisfaction for our association.

Collaboration and cooperation are the primary elements for improving the living conditions of a community.

Construction takes about three months of work and will be completed by the end of the year.

Once again we want to thank all of you who, with your generosity, continue to support us: it is only thanks to your donations that our commitment can meet the needs of many friends who only want to live with dignity and be able to ensure a life projec to their children.

We are very happy to inform you that in these days the five boys who attend the last class of high school, with project scholarships, have graduated with excellent results.

Also in these weeks, the ten boys who will begin their high school schooling have been selected and will soon be paired with the Italian "godparents" who have given their willingness to accompany them in this new training path.

Like every year, this year too we are offering our photographic calendar in the markets in our area, on the evenings we participated in and by "word of mouth". As you know by now, with the promotion of the calendar, all the proceeds will be used to purchase school supplies for primary school children in the rural community.


With your little help, you can do great things for rural communities. “ …what we call small things, they are simply the causes of great things..."

Thanking you for your interest in our projects and the concrete support that you have given us so far, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

best wishes for a Happy Holidays. ​